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Why My Phone Dies So Fast?

The standard-issue that we daily have at our local cell phone repair store is battery problems. There are many people out there that suffer from their batteries dying too quickly. You will be in a conversation with a friend or your family members, and the battery will drop down significantly after only one call! Or the phone will die completely!

DO NOT PANIC! Your phone is still good, and you are not going to lose any of your data!

There are a few factors that might cause your phone to die or not hold any charge!

First of all, it is wise to check your battery usage in the settings to determine what apps use the most of the battery or any apps that consume it more than any other ones?

-Sometimes, some applications will drain your battery dramatically; if you see any apps causing it, it is wise to delete and reinstall it again to see if that will help you!

Secondly, Make sure that you permanently close out the apps after each use to not run in the background.

-Many people forget to close out the previous apps on their cell phones after each usage which they still run in the background, which shortens the battery’s daily life.

Finally, You might need a battery replacement.

-Nowadays, the newer version of cell phones needs battery replacement every 2 to 3 years! If you have owned your cell phone for at least two years and tried all the activities mentioned above but no luck! Then it might indicate that it is time to take it to a local cell phone repair store!

We perform 30-minute battery replacements in your local ABQ Phone Repair store in Albuquerque. Call us for more information!