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Our Warranty Policy

Cell Phone / Tablet Repair Warranty

Although we ensure that we always have the highest-quality screens for mobile devices, such as phones, iPads, tablets, and laptops, there might still be manufacturing problems with screens. At our local cell phone repair store in Albuquerque, we provide a 6-month warranty on phones, iPads, and tablet screens

Suppose there are any problems with your newly installed screen, such as not registering finger movements in specific areas or opening random apps themselves without physical touches. In that case, customers should immediately contact our phone repair customer support to let them know! We will schedule a FREE warranty repair immediately!

If parts are DAMAGED, the customers will be responsible for the standard replacement cost!

What's Covered Under Warranty:

Screens that look new but open random apps or have touch problems will be covered under warranty.

What's Not Covered Under Warranty

Looks “worn” or “used”.

Cracks, tears, breaks, dents, scratches.

For Screens: Discoloration, “colorful lines” and “black splotches” or “blacked out screens” are caused by damage to the LCD panel. This VOIDS the warranty even if the glass looks new!

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