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A Leading Expert In Cell Phone Repair Albuquerque, NM and Other Electronic Gadgets


Repairs are typically less expensive than purchasing a new phone, with the exception of the situation in which your device is completely broken.

But how do you go about finding a reputable repair service in Albuquerque?

Look for a cell phone repair in Albuquerque who is affordable yet provides quality service. Look for a cell phone repair near Albuquerque that is conveniently located. And look for a Albuquerque Cell Phone repair that is willing to field phone calls and answer questions. At ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories, you’ll find such technicians!

Any Device, Any Make, Consider The Repair Done!

new iphone repair albuquerque

Many consumers are frustrated with the high costs they incur for a simple iPhone repair.They just want a trustworthy location to bring their damaged iPhone for an easy, speedy repair at affordable prices. We can handle any fix your Apple iPhone needs, including back glass replacement and iPhone battery replacement. Our technicians have the necessary tools to restore your iPhone to its original condition.

iphone device repair

Get all of your cell phone repair requirements met in one place. Visit our “mobile phone repair shop” if you have a malfunctioning, broken, or no longer working cell phone and need smartphone repair. We have the most sophisticated tools and experience for Galaxy repairs or any other Android based smartphone. You’ll also get the convenience of same-day screen repair in Albuquerque.

What happens if your iPad Pro or iPad Air stops working? First, you can’t complete your daily work. This causes you a world of problems. You won’t be able to communicate with clients, vendors, or employees. Leading to missed opportunities. So, If you’re looking for iPad repair in Albuquerque, look no further than ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories. Our team provides expert services for all sorts of iPad repair needs.

Tablets are very popular. But they are also very delicate. That’s why we have specific tools and equipment to deal with Tablet Repair in Albuquerque. If your tablet has suffered any damage, you can bring it to us, and we will fix it for you. Our shop carries parts and accessories for various brands like Microsoft Surface, Galaxy TabPro, and Google Tablet.

Device Repair That Is Quick, Reliable, And Inexpensive

ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories

Your cellular phone is the most essential tool in any electronic device. It’s a constant companion that you have with you all of the time. As a result, it must be maintained and cared for, especially while it’s being repaired.

When a phone screen breaks down, it must be replaced. Some other reasons for a phone to stop working include malfunction of software and connections, broken charging ports, and damaged batteries. Hence it’s vital to get a quick phone repair because we don’t want to lose access to our business or family and social networking tools.

This is when we come to your aid with excellent service. With over a decade of experience, you can count on ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories to do an excellent job and charge a fair price for minor phone screen repair all the way up to more complex problems like faulty systems. We will quickly and affordably repair your device. We are the most skilled technicians in the industry, and We guarantee each repair service that goes through our hands.

Our experts have the training and know-how to deal with any sort of device recovery or installation. We provide the best pricing for same-day repairs, as well as a complete solution to your technology requirements.

Customer Satisfaction



ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories make it easy to get cell phone repair in Albuquerque. The first step is to fill out a repair estimate form or bring your phone directly to our mobile repair store.



Then, our repair experts will perform a free diagnostics to discover which repair solution you need for your specific device problem. After, we will let you know what repairs are necessary and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to repair your broken device successfully.


Once we discuss how the repair technicians will fix the issue, and you give us the go signal to work, we will immediately begin fixing your device. What's the best part of our service? You may wait right inside the store! This is due to the fact that standard repair jobs such as screen replacements and repairs are finished within 30 minutes.

Would you like to send it to us? We offer a

Mail-in repair service

If you live in one of the close-by cities or counties of Albuquerque and do not want to make the drive, we offer an excellent option for you so you can still get the best service for phone repair near Albuquerque or screen repair near Albuquerque. You simply need to send us your device through the mail with our in-mail phone screen repair Albuquerque option. Once we are finished with your Cell phone repair Albuquerque, we will send it back to you! This saves you tons of time making a long drive to get the best services from the best phone repair technicians. 

ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories knows how important your phone is to you. With that, we always strive to give our valued customers with budget-friendly repair services that maintain high-quality work. Our cell phone repair in Alburquerque comes well stock with premium tools, equipment, and parts to fix your broken device with the added benefit of same day repair. The expertise of our tech team is unrivaled when it comes to phone and screen repair in Alburquerque, and you can expect nothing but the best outcomes from us. If you need a new battery for your phone or replacement for a broken screen, we can replace it for you immediately and have it back to you in no time!

Everybody Has Standards, Ours Are Just Better

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When a customer comes into ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories looking for fast and affordable tech solutions, our team is ready to provide expert repair for your broken device no matter how extensive the issue. We'll give you free diagnostics to uncover the root of the problem and handle the damage with quality work.

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With ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories, you can rest assured that your broken device is in the hands of expert repair professionals with years of experience and knowledge working with broken phones and devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and iPhones. Our top-notch tech solutions are unbeatable, and you'll get repair solutions at the lowest price guaranteed.

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We understand how busy life can get and that getting your broken device as hassle-free and quickly as possible is important. Our professional tech team can handle phone repair near Albuquerque and other electronic problems with same day repair! This implies you may get your phone back in less than half an hour, so you don’t lose any time!


Device repairs handled by our expert tech team come with a limited lifetime warranty. We pride ourselves in providing quality work, so if you run into any issues with our tech solutions for phone repairs or device repairs, we will immediately fix the problem for a successful repair or your money back! Guaranteed! (Physical or water damages are not included)


No matter the extent of damage to your broken device, our tech team will always offer you an accurate estimate at a reasonable price for the repair solution you need. Our state-of-the-art tools and diagnostics software can pinpoint exactly what needs fixing so we can give you the right tech solutions efficiently and affordably.

iPhone Repair Services That Are In Demand
iphone craced screen
iPhone Cracked Screen Replacement
iphone back glass repair
iPhone Back Glass Repair
iphone battery replacement
iPhone Battery Replacement
iphone charging port repair
iPhone Charging Port Repair
iphone charging port repair
iPhone Liquid Damage

Genuine Mobile Phone Spare Parts

Carrying only genuine mobile phone spare parts and accessories is an important element of providing our valued clients with skilled repair services. You may rest confident that your damaged phone will not be repaired with faulty or sub-par components. Each phone repair fix we take up adheres to quality work and professionalism so you can prevent any future disruptions from a malfunctioning broken phone.

iPhone Battery & Screen Replacement

Getting your iPhone components fixed or replaced might be pricey. However, at ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories, we provide repair services for iPhone cracked screens, shattered glass, and battery replacement for dead batteries at reasonable costs. Put your trust in our Tech team to deliver the best outcomes with iPhone screen repairs in Albuquerque.

water damage
water damage


It’s not uncommon for devices to be subjected to water damage. When water damage dampens your phone, it can lead to malfunctioning or dead screens, battery damage, or a Non-functional device altogether. After a water damage, if your phone is still functional, we will strive to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. We’ve handled a lot of liquid damage phones, and we know exactly how to repair them. Water-damaged phones should be taken care of immediately so that we may provide the appropriate repair solution for you.


Cracked screens are quite common. You will undoubtedly drop your smartphone one day. If you don’t want to risk your phone’s functionality, we recommend getting it fixed as soon as possible. Internal components may be irreparable if you wait too long, and you’ll need a quick phone screen repair to avoid more serious damage. Bring your phone to ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories for dependable repairs and skilled technicians. At reasonable costs, we replace shattered screens.

Finding your Local Cell Phone Repair Store in Albuquerque, NM

The ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories located at 7101 Menaul Blvd NE Suite C, Albuquerque, NM 87110 is Albuquerque’s leading cell phone repair service provider.

We are located near by Coronado Center on Menaul Blvd NE and Messilla St NE.

It is a 10 Second drive towards the east of Chili’s and Sheraton Hotel and on the north (left) side of Menaul.

Direction From Coronado Center Albuquerque

Direction From Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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I’ve had my iphone repaired here a couple of times and the service has always been great! The guy helping us was informative and helpful. The price is good compared to other stores. It’s great to support a local business as well. I highly recommend 👍🏼

Quick and knowledgeable, they were able to clean my charging port without charging me for a new part. Also repaired a cracked screen to make our phones like new!! This is the place for phone repairs!
Don’t be afraid to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Device Doesn’t Switch On

There are a variety of reasons why an electronic device may not start. The most common reason is that the motherboard or battery is faulty. We can identify and repair a range of faults, only replacing the necessary components as needed.

My iPhone Touchscreen Isn't Responding

If your iPhone has been subjected to a severe fall, or If your iPhone had a screen replacement and the previous screen was not genuine, it’s possible that this was the cause. All of our replacement parts come with a 6-month warranty.

How Long Will My Phone Take To Be Repaired?

We can fix it as quickly as you break it! Yes, depending on parts availability, most repairs at our walk-in business take 20-30 minutes. You may always give us a call before coming to our store.

What If You Can't Repair My Device?

This will be an exception, but if we can’t diagnose or repair your gadget, we’ll get in touch with you as soon as feasible. We’ll return the gadget to you and refund any service charge incurred.

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