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Is Overheating Dangerous for Your Smartphone?

Spring is rapidly approaching, and it heralds the arrival of warm weather and summer. We all enjoy going outside and soaking up the sun. When temperatures begin to climb while you’re sitting on a bench or on the beach, though, you may start to wonder if your phone will function well in this heat. Here we’ll tell you what happens if you overheat your phone.

why does my phone getting hot

Is it possible that my screen will break?

This is always the first thing that comes to everyone’s minds. It is not possible for the glass to crack merely because it gets too hot. The glass, on the other hand, can be more susceptible to breakage as a result of overheating. When you leave your phone in the sunlight, or in a car for example, temperatures can get well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit even in the spring.

What else might happen if my phone gets too hot?

It will take a lot of heat to cause the battery to fail. However, high heat may also have an impact on other parts of the phone. The waterproofing mechanisms within your phone may have corroded due to age or other factors. When the temperature rises, adhesives may become lumpy. This might lead to small gaps in your phone’s waterproofing and let dirt and dust enter it. Alternatively, if water gets inside, the device will be ruined entirely.

There are other components within your phone that don’t want to be excessively heated. Phones do not have fans to cool the CPU, GPU, and other chips like desktop computers. High temperatures, whether caused by internal or external causes, can wreak havoc on these parts and connections. If a component inside the device overheats, the phone will usually provide a notification on the screen. Is this something you’ve ever experienced? It may be time to have your phone fixed.

So, how can I lower my phone's chance of overheating?

When your phone gets too hot, it emits a high-pitched squealing noise, vibration, or shuts off. If your phone’s internal temperatures reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, it will emit a warning that notifies you when the inside temperatures reach 95°F or more. If you get this alert, the only thing that will function is the emergency call option. Otherwise, your phone will be useless until it has cooled down. To prevent the warning, keep your phone in a colder, more shaded location. If you’re outside in that hot sun, it’s especially crucial to do so.