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How Can You Tell If Your Tempered Glass Or Phone Screen Is Cracked?

How can you tell if the primary phone screen has been damaged, or whether it’s simply the tempered glass cover? Check out the information below to learn more!

1. Check the damaged area with a strong light.

You can proceed by shining a strong light on the screen to see if your phone’s display is broken or whether it’s only the tempered glass. When only the tempered glass is shattered, flashing a bright light on the screen isn’t usually very effective at producing refraction of light. However, if the main phone screen is damaged, you may receive a lot more light refraction.

2. Tour around the screen edges to check

Next, inspect the phone screen’s edges and corners. If there are cracks or lines on the screen, it’s time to get a new screen. Looking at the edges should not be an issue because most screen protectors do not cover the whole screen. You may also need to remove your phone’s back cover.

3. Remove the screen protector

Finally, if you still aren’t sure whether your phone screen is broken or if the tempered glass is to blame, take a risk and remove the tempered glass. Taking a look at how the damaged piece appears may assist you in determining what needs to be replaced.

When removing the tempered glass, use caution and calmness to avoid hurting your screen or fingers. If the tempered glass’s adhesive is too powerful, you may require assistance from someone else.

4. Find the expert

If you’re confident that your screen cracked, don’t panic, and don’t remove the temporary glass. Instead, take it to a phone repair technician or mobile phone repair shop near you for further assessment.
Tempered glass protectors have become increasingly popular for people looking to give their phones an extra level of protection. However, it’s important to note that these types of screen protectors are not 100% effective and may actually end up causing more damage to your mobile phone. Don’t immediately take off the tempered glass protector after your phone screen cracks from a drop– check if only the protector shattered or if the whole main phone screen is broken. Utilize the above-mentioned tips provided to help you to find out which one was damaged.
However, if your phone screen is cracked, then the only thing that you can do is take your phone to the official repair service provider of the brand. The professional technicians will be able to replace your broken or cracked screen with a new one.

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