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How to Keep Your Phone Battery Working Longer

Battery Maintenance

Customers frequently express their dissatisfaction with the fact that their battery doesn’t hold its charge for long. While cell phones have advanced considerably in recent years, batteries have not kept pace.

replacement of iphone dead batteries

Batteries can become excessively worn and subsequently fail to provide even a single day’s usage. This may be extremely inconvenient, especially when traveling. The general life of the battery decreases with each charge. Not everyone is aware that there are things you can do to lengthen its longevity!

Extending the Life

When your phone is kept in a hot environment, it struggles to function properly. The battery life will be shortened just by the temperature alone if you place the phone in a very warm area. To charge your mobile, remove the casing. Heat may be produced while your phone is charging. The same can be said for leaving your phone in the sun. This heat, like when you leave your phone in the sun, is capable of causing damage and depleting battery life.

Make sure your phone’s software is up to date. Some people are scared of updating due to the possibility of bugs, but there may be updates that resolve issues such as extending battery life and, of course, power saving mode. The fewer times you charge your phone overall, the longer it will last.

Knowing When It’s Time

Even with careful maintenance, a new battery will be required at some point. When you replace your battery, it is usually up to you as the user to decide how much battery life you can or cannot do without. For some people, 50 percent capacity is adequate; for others, it isn’t. When their batteries’ current condition becomes inconvenient, most individuals opt to replace them.

Modern cellphones enable you to be warned when your battery condition starts to deteriorate. You can tell how long it takes for your battery to go from fully charged to dead throughout the day. The shorter the time, the worse your batteries health.

What Type Of Battery Should You Get?

When it’s time to replace your battery, things usually go smoothly. You can usually replace a phone battery from a local cell phone repair store with one that’s designed for it by the manufacturer. Some retailers will even pressure you into replacing the battery yourself if it is past its expiration date. That’s also an easy fix, ABQ Phone Repair is here to assist!

Checking the batteries’ health will show you when it’s time for a new battery. That being said, whether you replace it is all dependent on how much a low battery disrupts your life.