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Since the emergence of android phones, LG has been one of the top guns in the industry, leaving behind some very famous names. However, the recent turn of events and the emergence of average quality phones have caused a significant drop in sales. Even with that, somehow, LG has maintained its name in the top 10 powerhouses over the last decade or so. The company has launched hundreds of phones over the previous few years. LG G series has launched way back in 2012, and it has been the place where the company puts all its money. They outplayed every other company trying to compete with them and emerged as the company that produced the top-rated mobile phones in the following years. With all the perks that these mobile phones give, there are common issues that people have faced with these mobiles. You need not worry about that as these issues are common in every company’s products, like easily-broken screens, battery issues, and other hardware-related problems. ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories will provide you with LG phone repair Albuquerque.

At ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories, get top-notch LG Cell Phone Repair at the most affordable prices. Here, you will find a replacement screen and quality spare parts for your LG phone screen repair. If your glass screen is cracked or damaged, we carry the glass lens, screen, and front cover. LG phones sometimes tend not to respond to touch or generate dead spots, making it very frustrating to manage the phone. We have the perfect replacement glass and digitizer to solve your issues to do this LG cell phone repair.

ABQ will give you services in the following LG models:

  • LG G Series ( from G2 - G8X.. etc. call for details)
  • LG K Series (from K4 to K61.. etc. call for details)
  • LG Stylo Series (from Stylo 2 to Stylo 6. etc. call for details)
  • LG V Series (from V10 to V60 etc. call for details)
  • LG Q Series (from Q6 to Q70 etc. call for details)
  • LG Aristo Series (from Aristo to Aristo 5 etc. call for details)

And many more. If your LG phone is not listed here on the list, please give us a call and ask for information.

LG services by ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories

High-Quality Screens

Many LG phone repair Albuquerque shops seldom use High-Quality parts. Low-quality copy grade screens have become a standard due to the low cost, and we are here to change that. Repairing the screens is our specialty. We value your hard-earned money spent on buying a mobile; thus, it is our utmost priority to give you the best LG cell phone repair services. Every day we provide a new life to cracked smartphones. Our expert technicians can replace your phone in an instant without making you go through the hassle.

Battery replacement

Is your battery dead, and you need to replace the battery with the same quality you got in the first place? LG phone repair Albuquerque has got you covered. We can proudly say that our batteries are High-Quality and relatively last for a longer time than any other local company.

Hard Buttons

Any issues with the hard button can be a big menace. Whether the home button stops working or the volume button doesn’t respond, ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories can repair it anywhere in Albuquerque in record time.

Charging Port

LG phones are very durable, and rarely any hardware-related issue is seen in these mobile phones. However, the charging port is a very fragile part that breaks easily. Any aggressive pulling or pushing can cause damage to it. Our lightning-fast charging port replacement will have your phone in mint condition in absolutely no time. Our experts take the least amount of time with the fixing process and use the highest quality spare parts, so you return satisfied with the service.

Front Camera

Now have your front camera repaired with a genuine one in under 30 minutes thanks to our highly experienced staff. Drop your phone at our store, and you’ll have it fixed in-front of your very eyes.

Back Camera

Now you don’t have to wait to snap amazing photographs from your device as we will do your LG cell phone repair instantly. We use the most reliable and affordable parts to serve our customers, so no one feels the need to roam around, searching for authentic and inexpensive components.

Other services:

  • Microphone fixing
  • Speaker replacements
  • Any Water damage
  • Power IC
  • Charging IC

Current situation

Looking at the current Corona situation, we must keep our staff and customers safe. We advise you to wear masks and sanitize yourself properly when entering our store. We keep all of the equipment and parts in a secure environment.

Everybody has standards, ours are just better.

Explore new ways to see what’s working and fix what’s not. At our Local store in Albuquerque NM, we can help you with any device repair.

Free Diagnostics

Every cell phone repair at ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories starts with a free diagnostic exam, to find the root of the problem and allow the technician to determine the right cell phone repair path.

20-Minute Repair

The same day appointments especially for LG Phones. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Most LG Phone Screen Repairs take 20 to 30 Minutes.

180-Day Warranty

All repairs come with 6-month warranty, which doesn't include physical or water damage. Other replacement parts such as charging ports, front camera, back camera as well as batteries come with 30-day warranty.

Do you want to repair your mobile phone?

Every cell phone repair at our local store starts with a FREE diagnostic exam! We firstly check the device to address the issue.