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Samsung is the most well-known brand in the smartphone market. They have been selling phones since 1991. Unlike the iPhone, Samsung produces phones for all pockets, both in terms of budget and size. There are several models of Samsung smartphones available in the market. You can choose from its wide range of options, the phone that is best suited to cater to your needs. It's one of the highest-selling phones due to its reliability and features. However, a minor inconvenience can pop-up anytime here and there due to several reasons. But whatever the reason may be, we offer to take full responsibility for your Samsung Phone Repair Albuquerque.

Samsung makes all its smartphones of high-end hardware. The screen is one of the core attractions of a smartphone, and Samsung has launched phones with High-Resolution screens mobile, each with a 309 or above pixels per inch density (PPI). This bright screen is usually out of gorilla glass, which can protect against minor hits and bumps, but it doesn't keep the screen protected if it falls from a height that endures a force of 150lbs. There can be other issues as well, either due to technical failure or human error. It can be utterly irritating to use a cracked phone, especially when it costs you a fortune.

If your phone is damaged, either the primary screen cracked or the back glass, we understand the broken phone issues. Thus, ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories is here to provide you with the high-end Samsung phone repair Albuquerque services, so you don't have to worry about going anywhere else. Our experts are available for your assistance round the clock throughout the week. ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories has proudly earned its name in phone repairing services in Albuquerque and its suburbs. Our repair services are available for the following models of Samsung Smartphones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6Edge Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus
  • Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus
  • S10, S10E, S10 Lite, S10 Plus
  • S20, S20 Plus, S2 0Ultra
  • Note 4, Note 5
  • Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 10Plus
  • Note 20, Note 20Ultra
  • Tablet Repairs
  • And Many More (Call if your Samsung phone is not listed)

Why Choose ABQ Phone Repair and Accessories?

On the spot repairing – You need your phone fixed ASAP? We understand your concern; thus, we will fix your smartphone within the space of 30 to 60 minutes.

High-Quality Samsung replacement parts – Don't settle for less when you can have your Samsung smartphone looking brand new again.

Satisfaction guaranteed – You'll receive a 6 Month warranty to guard against any defects and Samsung issues. If you are not happy with our services, you don't have to pay a dime.

Done right the first time – Unlike other stores where you have to pay several visits to fix your smartphone, we will give you the most reliable service so that you return satisfied the first time you come to us.

Services Offered

Screen Repairs

At ABQ Phone Repair and Accessories Albuquerque, you will be facilitated with trained experts at your service at any time of the day to provide you with the best Samsung screen repair. We aim to deliver Samsung screen repair Albuquerque to our customers with the best possible output that keeps them covered for a long time. To do so, we use high-quality spare parts and high-end technology so that no customer goes home unsatisfied with the repair. Our Samsung screen repair services are just a call away. Set your appointment anytime.

Back Repairs

Samsung smartphones come with a variety of backs. Some have metal backs, and some have plastics. A new range of galaxy S and A series have glass backs and metal edges. Glass backs may add elegance and sophistication to the phone's overall look, but they can also make it vulnerable and less durable. A small amount of force can damage the back, causing it to crack. At ABQ Samsung repair Albuquerque our experts have hands-on experience and know the intensity of replacing broken back glass. It is initially connected with glue and double-sided tapes, meaning that removing the damaged back in itself is a difficult task. The sticky parts under the back glass need to be removed first to get into the back, and then the new one is placed with pure precision to perform the back glass replacement making it look fresh out of the box.

Battery Repair

The battery of the Samsung phones lasts 24 hours on a typical full charge and medium usage. After a certain period, they tend to lose their ability to hold a full charge like any other mobile phone. The average number of charge-cycles any smartphone battery has is 500, which lasts about 18-22 months for users. But given that this stat stands for full recharge cycles, i.e., going zero to 100%, and most users have to plug in their phones before it reaches zero, the battery can last for more than four years. But several other factors damage your batter, including overcharging and overheating during charging. The battery can be a significant issue if your work depends on it; thus, Samsung battery replacement needs to occur as soon as you start facing a lack of battery timing. ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories will fix your Samsung cell phone repair Albuquerque with the best parts and perform the repair to precision. Our experts have proudly provided the best possible services to our customers with high-quality parts since we have been in business!

Express Turnaround

Customers are usually worried about leaving their phones with strangers for privacy concerns, which is fully justified. To avoid this problem, we will provide you with Express Turnaround, which means that your smartphone will be fixed and given back to you within 30 to 60 minutes without needing to leave your phone with us for a long time. Your Samsung Phone repair Albuquerque will be done in front of your eyes without you having to worry about anything. (If the part is not available in stock, we'll order the piece, and meanwhile, customers don't have to drop off their phones at the store until the part arrives)

Other Basic Services

Samsung Charging Port

Are you looking for a professional and lightning-fast charging port replacement service? Then ABQ Phone Repair and Accessories is the answer to all your problems. You can get your phone's charging port fixed in no time to take it back with you and use it right away.

Samsung Microphone

If you are having difficulty with your microphone, it can cause real communication issues for you. You want to get it fixed at the earliest possible minute. Every week we repair tens of phones with this issue. Our services are fast and reliable as we only use high-quality parts.

Precautions regarding the current situation

The current pandemic situation is already a lot to handle. A broken or damaged phone can be an added irritant which can affect your connection with loved ones and your professional contact with the world. We understand the troubles and the severity of the situation; thus, we have taken the maximum precautions. All of our staff members are being tested, and the store is sprayed after regular intervals to ensure there are no health hazards.

Samsung Phone Repair Albuquerque takes full responsibility for any issues regarding your phone shortly. Contact us right away to get the best services in town!

Everybody has standards, ours are just better.

Explore new ways to see what’s working and fix what’s not. At our Local store in Albuquerque NM, we can help you with any device repair.

Free Diagnostics

Every cell phone repair at ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories starts with a free diagnostic exam, to find the root of the problem and allow the technician to determine the right cell phone repair path.

20-Minute Repair

The same day appointments especially for Samsung Phones. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Most Samsung Phone Screen Repairs take 20 to 30 Minutes.

180-Day Warranty

All repairs come with 6-month warranty, which doesn't include physical or water damage. Other replacement parts such as charging ports, front camera, back camera as well as batteries come with 30-day warranty.

Do you want to repair your mobile phone?

Every cell phone repair at our local store starts with a FREE diagnostic exam! We firstly check the device to address the issue.