When you have a broken screen on your phone and you want to get it fixed but you don’t know what your rights are when you get a phone fixed?

Don’t worry; I’ll explain that to you!

Say you have an iPhone 6 broken screen and you are looking for an iPhone 6 screen repair near you. Everything is just working fine on the phone except for the screen being cracked. Such as your home button, your back and front camera, your power button and also the side volume buttons along with silent switch have no problem; they all work like a charm. However, your screen is broken, which just bothers you and you want to get it fixed.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair
iPhone 6 plus screen repair

So, you take it to store and the person that greets you needs to take an action in order to check your phone to make sure everything is just working except for the screen. I’m going to explain below why he should do it;

(A good and responsible technician will always check the phone that he is going to repair to see if there is any other problems the customer doesn’t know)

there are 2 reasons for that; the tech might determine some other problems which he can make more money through or he makes sure that the phone doesn’t have any other problems that will cause a problem between him and the customer after the repair.

if there is any other problems that the customer hasn’t recognized until that time but they might recognize it after the repair and there is a big possibility that they might think that the repair store messed up their phones. Which is exactly why a good technician will always need to check the phone before and after the repair to make sure that they give back the phone to the customer in the same condition when they first got.

iPhone 6 Screen Repair
iPhone 6 screen repair

If the tech did check the phone before accepting the customer’s phone to fix; then it will be a good sign for you! You are in an excellent and responsible place; also a place that will back up their works if there is any problems they might have caused during the repair. So feel comfortable.

Store Policies

what are you rights when you get a phone fixed? also depends on stores’ policies!!

Stores’ policies vary depending on their agreements with their wholesales or the rules that the store owners individually put. Some stores might have 1 to 6 month warranty when others have lifetime warranty.

Having the store warranty doesn’t mean that the customer can benefit the warranty breaking their phone screens as many times as they can! Most warranties don’t cover the physical damages anyways.

Say you got an iPhone 6 screen repair and 2 days after the repair you dropped and broke the screen again! You think that the store is responsible for that and you are thinking of taking it back to the store. They will kindly tell you that they can’t help you with this case because it is not their fault.

However, if you got your phone fixed and the phone is not acting right. Such as having a problem with touches; the phone doesn’t want to do what you want it to do. You want to click on an app but it is like “nope, I’m not clicking that but I’ll click the other app” or you want to type in a sentence starting with an “a” letter and you click on “a” but it is like “nope I don’t want to click that but  I’ll click “t””! So in these cases,what you have on your phone is a defective screen and you have the right to take it back to store and tell them the issue! They “will” and “must” take care of it without questioning