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What is your phone repair store location?

Our cell phone repair store is located at 7101 Menaul Blvd NE Suite C, Albuquerque, NM 87110. It is 10 seconds to the east of Coronado Center mall, and we are located in Menaul and Louisiana! Right on the east side of Sheraton hotel and Chili's Restaurant.


What phone brand do you repair?

ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories supports all popular smartphone brands repair, including iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and many more. We also repair all Apple iPad models. 


Do you fix the Home button?

Yes, We repair home buttons in many different phones.


How long will my cell phone repair take?

Most cell phone repair services take 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on stocks. We usually have most screens in inventory! If the screen or any part needs to be ordered, it might take 3 to 7days depending on the part.


Do you offer repair under warranty?

Yes, our phone repair services(screen) come with a 180-day warranty, including physical or water damage. Other replacement parts such as the front camera, back camera, charging ports, and batteries come with a 30-day guarantee.


I have several issues on my cell phone. Do you offer package deals?

Yes, definitely! If you have multiple devices or multiple issues on the same mobile device, we'll offer you additional discounts.


Can you perform Jailbreaking and Unlocking?

We don’t jailbreak phones; however, we can help you with phone network unlockings.


Will I lose my phone data after any significant repair?

Your phone’s data will remain the same after the repair. However, if some info needs to be removed as part of the repair, we will first ask you.


Do you sell Refurbished iPhones?

Yes, We sell refurbished iPhones.



If you have any other questions which are not answered here, please contact us and we will do our best to give you an answer.

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