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iPhone 6 Screen Repair and Battery Replacement in Albuquerque

iPhone 6 series are the most and best selling phones for Apple! And also one of the easiest breaking one. The screen is fragile and also the frame is more likely to bend! At ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories, iPhone 6 screen repair is done in about 30 minutes.

In addition to screen and bent frame issues, recently we started having a lot of battery problems as well as iPhone 6 screen repair! Most common battery problems customers complain about are;

  • The battery on an iPhone 6 not holding any charge
  • Dying too quickly.
  • Battery swelling! (Battery is getting bigger, expanding and lifts up the screen)

A person would charge it up to %100 and after making a phone call, it would be down to %60 and sometimes it would even shut itself off!!

This is annoying we hear you!

At our local store in Albuquerque, we fix all those problems the same day, from tip to toe! We can do your iPhone 6 screen repair , battery replacement, straighten bent frames, camera problems, home button problems and many more…

Do you want to repair your mobile phone?

Every cell phone repair at our local store starts with a FREE diagnostic exam! We firstly check the device to address the issue.