Cell Phone, iPad, Tablet Repair Services in Albuquerque

ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories provides the best Cell Phone Repair in Albuquerque, NM.We have well-trained technicians that can address the problem, inform the customer and take an action to solve it.

At our local store in Albuquerque, Every day, we take care of tens of cell phone issues that need screen repairs, battery replacements, camera repairs, charging port replacements, broken back glass as well as loud speaker problems and many more. 

NOTE: All our screen repairs have 180-day warranty and most repairs are done the same day. 

ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories - The Best Local Cell Phone Repair Store in Albuquerque

We know how hard it is to have a broken screen on your phone or a battery that just drives you crazy turning off every 20 minutes!!! Or having a broken screen on your phone and wandering  your fingers over the cracked glass crumbs! It is painful we hear you! It might be even giving you some headaches trying to see through it! However, you are just on the right site! 

Cell Phone repair in Albuquerque

At our local store in Albuquerque, we can do phone, tablet and iPad screen repair, battery replacement, speaker and charging port replacements. 

We have done hundreds of Cell Phone Screen Repair in Albuquerque and really good at repairing them as well!  In addition to Screen Repairs we also take care of phones that have broken camera lens that is too blurry to take a picture or a phone that has a broken glass on the back of it.

We will repair your broken back camera lens or back of your phone while you are having your lunch or just waiting at the store for about how much you would spend for your lunch!  

Battery Replacement in Albuquerque

Do you have a bad, too-quick-dying battery on your phone  and a battery that doesn’t hold any charge like going down from %100 to %40 in 5 minutes!!
Well, We can repair that for you! Our High-Quality batteries along with our Quality service will just solve your problem. Don’t hesitate to contact! Please give us a call for any question for your device and we will have the answer for you!


iPhone Repair Albuquerque

We are well aware of the questions that people have in mind when it comes to getting their devices fixed!! We have proudly served hundreds of customers over 2 years! We are aware that Our customers are the main source of our own success!

We make sure that our customers are comfortable with our Quality Service and Quality parts that we install during a cell phone repair. We treat their phones as we would treat our own phones!

Quality service starts with Quality Parts!

All repairs done by High Quality(OEM) parts and have 180-day warranty !

We have made and been making tens of customers satisfied everyday with our Quality work and Quality parts.  

If you have a broken screen or need a battery replacement on your device! Wait no more!! 

CALL and BOOK your Repair Today!

Really fast, super friendly and affordable! I got my screen and battery replaced for a really good deal.

Cell Phone Repair in Albuquerque

Cell Phone Repair in Albuquerque

well-trained techs

Phone Repair in Albuquerque

Phone Repair in Albuquerque

High Quality Parts

iPhone Repair in Albuquerque

iPhone Repair Albuquerque

The same day repairs

iPad Repair in Albuquerque

iPad Screen Repair Albuquerque

180-day warranty

We also offer Cell Phone Repair Service in These Cities: 


Rio Rancho is home to the Albuquerque metro area’s only oldies-format radio station, KDSK (AM), having moved into the Rio Rancho market in March 2015 There are 14 miles from Rio Rancho to Albuquerque by car, following NM-423 W route. Rio Rancho and Albuquerque are 26 minutes far apart.


Los Lunas is part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. The name “Los Lunas” is a partial Anglicization of the name of the Luna family, who originally settled in the area. There are 30 miles from Los Lunas to Albuquerque by car, following the I-25 S route. Los Lunas and Albuquerque are 35 minutes far apart.


North Valley is a census-designated place in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, in the United States. Another name for “North Valley” is “North Albuquerque. There are 9 miles from North Valley to Albuquerque by car, following I-25 N route. North Valley and Albuquerque are 15 minutes far apart.

santarosa 1

Santa Rosa has many natural lakes, an anomaly in the dry desert climate surrounding it. These are sinkholes that form in the limestone bedrock of the area and fill with water. There are 113 miles from Santa Rosa to Albuquerque by car, following I-40 E route. Santa Rosa and Albuquerque are 1.45 minutes far apart.

Rio Rancho

Los Lunas

North Valley

Santa Rosa


  • It is all up to you. Customers that make the appointments have the priority for the repairs.
  • Depending on the phone, usually most our Cell Phone screen repairs and battery replacement take about 20 to 40 minutes!  
  • iPad Screen Repairs might take from 1 hour to 3 hours.
  • Once the repair is completed, the technician checks the phone in order to make sure everything just works fine. Once, your phone is checked and confirmed that it functions the way it is supposed to be then the customer will be informed about their repair status.
  • If you brought your phone to the store and we took it in order to fix but somehow, we couldn’t! In this case, there will be no charge for the labor. You will have your phone back in the same condition as it was first brought to the store

We have 180-day warranty on every screen repair. Even though, we check every phone once the repair is done. We sometimes can’t tell if the screen has a problem.  Some screens might be defective and the only way to understand is daily use! If the screen has some functioning problems such as not responding to your touches or doing crazy things without physical touches, which tells us that the screen is defective… Your money and screen are under warranty for 180 days.

NOTE: Any physical damage to the screen will avoid the warranty. (cracked screen, LCD cracks, tiny hair cracks, water damages)

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